Top 10 things to do in Havana


Here’s our list of the top 10 things to do in Havana and won’t want to miss on your first trip to Cuba.  It will be an adventure  for sure if you’ve never visited before.  These are the most popular places to visit.  Other ways you can visit Cuba is to book an all-inclusive resort or take a cruise around the island.

1)  Book lovers will not want to miss the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway beginning with a visit to La Vigia Farmhouse, his former home. The site is now home to a monument and museum dedicated to his life and works. During the tour, you will see Cojimar, the village that served as the writer’s inspiration for “The Old Man and the Sea.” No Hemingway tour would be complete without a tour of some of his favorite bars, including the Floridita, La Bodeguita del Medio and Terraza de Cojimar.

2) Stop by the Hotel Nacional in the neighborhood of Vedado to watch the famous cabaret dancers performing to popular music from the 1950s. Guests can enjoy beverages and dinner during the performance. This is a wonderful way to spend the evening.

3) Take the big bus tour with the opportunity to embark and disembark from several stops around the city. Guests can board the bus by the Central park in downtown Havana.

4) The Anacaona Restaurant offers a spectacular fine dining experience at the Hotel Saratoga, a 5-star property. The eatery was known during the 1950s for its orchestra. Unfortunately, that tradition did not survive in modern times.

5) Enjoy a citywide art tour. The Cuba Fine Arts Museum provides the perfect starting point for this adventure. Cuba is home to many talented artists recognized worldwide for their creations. Cuba has a vibrant art scene and individuals who can afford to can add to their personal art collections.

6) Havana offers many opportunities to learn about its history. The el Morro Castle, at the end of the Malecon is among the oldest forts still standing in the Americas.

7) While in Havana, you can visit the site where Castro made speeches to the Cuban citizens. The Plaza de la Revolucion, or Revolution Square, is where it all happened. The bus tour makes a stop in the square. Hop off the bus to snap photographs. Catch the next bus to visit the next attraction.

8) Sit on the Hotel Inglaterra terrace and enjoy live music while sipping on a refreshing Mojito or Cuban beer.

9) Catch a horse carriage and tour the city. The driver will point out important sites and offer interesting facts about Havana history.

10) Explore the lifestyle of the Cuban people. Take a walk beside the Malecon and enjoy the sunshine. This is a great place to listen to the street musicians, watch the children swim and see how the men fish.

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Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful parts of the world and tourists come here in large numbers so that they can admire its natural beauty, explore the beaches and have a vacation in the south. It’s also an ideal location for adventure travel not only because of what it has to offer, but its close proximity to North America – which is a bonus if you are from North America.  This country is home to lush rainforests filled with an amazing variety of plant and animal life.  It offers volcanoes, beaches and great areas for hiking enthusiasts. One of the most interesting things that one could do here is to go on a canopy tour that takes one right in the heart of the rainforest.

The beautiful and lush rain forests in Costa Rica offer tourists a truly unique experience thanks to zip lines that have been strung through certain parts of it. Platforms have been built at various heights in certain areas of the forest, with steel cables running from one to the other. Tourists are taken here on guided tours, under expert supervision, and they are then shown how to use the zip lines to get from one platform to the next under the “canopy” of the rainforest.

Contrary to popular belief, canopy tours or zip-lining (as it is also known as) in Costa Rica does not require too much athletic ability. All the person needs to do is sit in place, ropes attached and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The person does need to focus on where he or she is headed, but the guides take care of all details. This is undoubtedly a very exciting activity but one can also be perfectly at ease with the forest spread out underneath and all around.

It is a good idea to select the best canopy tours in Costa Rica because they are not all alike. Some of them have more zip lines and platforms than others and they also have very long trails that give tourists the best possible experience. It is important to select a company that uses the best people and equipment. Check the reviews online of the various tour companies in Costa Rica which offer zip lining tours.  No visit to this country is complete without enjoying the pristine beauty of nature by doing this eco-friendly ever-popular activity.  You’ll miss out on a lot of fun if you miss the opportunity of zip lining on a canopy tour of Costa Rica.

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Nepal Travel

Nepal has always been some kind of foreign, exotic far off place that no one I’ve known has gone. But just watch this video and it’ll probably spark your thirst for adventure travel in this far off place.

As the guy who put up this video on YouTube says:

“Nepal is known as the abode of the gods. For many years a secret, unknown country, it was, in the 1950s, faced with making a leap from the 11th century to modern times. Visited first by mountaineers and trekkers, it later became the haunt of hippies. The Nepalese Government has set aside more than 35 per cent of the total area of the country as natural sanctuaries. There are now nine National Parks, three conservation areas and two wildlife reserves, located both in the mountainous zones as well as in the tropical plains. The Terai lowlands in the south form the richest habitat in the country. Five protected areas are located in the region and many species of wildlife, including the rare Royal Bengal tiger and leopard, can be observed.”

Interesting and very cool!

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This travel company will drive you wild!

Wow, looking for an adventure tour company – just watch this video – this travel company will drive you wild!  African Safaris, walking and trekking in the mountains, biking through everything: mountains and forest.  Wow!  Just watch this cool video!

The company is called Exodus! I’ll say!

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Volcano Tours in Nicaragua


Known as the land of fire and poets, Nicaragua has a magnificent chain of volcanoes which offers much in the way of sightseeing, but also poses a kind of threat to the people who live there. For those looking for hiking adventures of the other kinds, Nicaragua offers many tours of the volcanoes and have many tour companies that will assist you. Some of these tours can be done on their own. My advice: get an experienced tour guide to the volcanoes.

For the sheer thrill of it and the sense of accomplishing the ultimate adventure tour, I’d suggest a guided hiking tour up any of the volcanoes. Known as the Maribios Volcanoes, there is a jagged chain of 21 volcanoes – 5 of them active. From San Cristobel, to Momotobo Volcano, to El Yoya and Telica, hiking and camping on the sides of these fire mountains is enough beauty and excitement to last you a life time.

You can find adventure tours that will take you hiking up the sides of the volcanoes where you will get a great workout and experience the wilderness and nature at its best. You’ll see amazing vegetation, exotic birds and monkeys. Dress equipped for the trek and go with an experienced guide. Don’t forget to bring enough water and of course, insect spray. There are many companies that offer these kinds of tours in Nicaragua. You can book online or book a tour when you arrive in the country. Some of the tours which are offered include tours and camping on Santa Clara Volcano, Cerro Negro Volcano, El Hoyo Volcano, Momotobo Volcano and the crater lakes. The live volcanoes look like the mouth of hell with steam smoking out of them. It’s a sight to see.

You can also visit Ometepe Island which is made up of two volcanoes. Good for hiking but you need to go with a guide. And while touring the volcanoes of Nicaragua, you can hike up the side of the volcano and surf down Cerro Negro Volcano. Very cool. Watch this video to catch the experience of this type of adventure. It is truly amazing. And yeah, you’ll get dirty.

After the volcanoes, you can cool off in one of the colonial towns of Nicaragua and visit some of their splendid beaches on the west coast of the Pacific.

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Things to Consider Before You Take an Adventure Vacation


There are things you should consider before you take an adventure vacation wherever that vacation may take you. In order words, a bit of planning comes into play before going on the vacation of your life, no matter where you go in the world.

First off, make sure you get the medications and vaccines you may require. This is just common sense. Some countries have problems with disease that can turn quite serious. Issues of sanitation, clean water, hygiene in food preparation and diseases which are rare in your country of origin. Visit your travel doctor and read up on the internet about your destination country. Diseases like yellow fever, malaria, Hepatitis A, B and C are common in many third world countries.

Secondly, make sure you travel with the right insurance coverage. Your basic travel insurance with a company such as Blue Cross, to name one, might not cover you on an adventure vacation. You may have to purchase supplementary travel insurance if you are going on an adventure vacation.

Also make sure that you actually learn about the country you are traveling to and learn about their people and customs. Be prepared and don’t arrive “ignorant.”

If you adventure tourism covers such adventures as scuba diving, make sure you give yourself a day of rest after diving and before flying to another destination or back home. Give your body at least 24 hours on land at normal pressure before going on an airplane. The same thing goes for mountain climbing. You need to rest and recuperate before hopping on that jet plane to get your body back to normal.

Many people nowadays are going on what is classified as adventure vacations. They want memories and adventures that go beyond the typical resort vacation. Best be prepared and being prepared is a part of planning that memory that lasts for a lifetime of exciting adventures traveling the world.

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White Water Rafting Adventure

White water rafting is definitely an adventure vacation, not for the faint of heart. Watch this video on white water rafting in California. Worth a scream or two when you bounce on the rapids of some of the most exciting rivers in the United States. This activity gets you out in the fresh air and nature, a little wet upon the bouncing rapids of the river.

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